Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Online Educa 2009

Quite a while ago since my last post. In busy times it is my experience that blogging is one of the first things that gets lower on the priority list. This week I'm at Online Educa in Berlin. For me it's the third time. Last year I had a presentation together with Koos Winnips, who now works at the University of Groningen. This year my role is more focused on the partnership with Giunti Labs. It means that I will be spending quite some time in the Giunti Labs booth at the information market, so if you want to meet me, there is a big chance that you can find me there. Stoas will have a small corner inside the Giunti booth. My colleagues Egbert van de Winckel and Randy Vermaas will be primarily focused on the combined booth for the European Moodle partners. Yesterday evening it was nice to meet my former colleague Hans de Zwart again, who will be doing a presentation on the Moodle impplementation at Shell, during today's Moodle pre-conference. I hope to find some time to write a summary of highlights during the next couple of days at #OEB2009

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