Saturday, May 19, 2007

Presentation week

The upcoming week may be considered a presentation-week indeed. In general I like giving presentations for different types of audiences. The challenge for this week is that I have to give four presentations on four different subjects and for different target groups. For the past couple of days I have been thinking about the structure of my presentations and possible powerpoint slides I might re-use. The first one (on Wednesday morning) is a keynote session for an e-learning seminar at ITC. This means giving an overview of the e-learning landscape, identifying trends and trying to formulate a vision where we're heading to in the land of e-learning. The second one (Thursday) is a presenation session for the Digital University project "Integrated Science Education". We will report our results so far for a closed group of (educational) managers. Hopefully they will provide us with feedback on how to take the results of the project further, after it has finished (June 2007). The third presentation is on the same day and includes the pegadogical results of CBUS (Sakai) project for a part of the ITBE management team. Finally, on Friday I'll have some visitor over from the University of Amsterdam. This visit is related to our Wireless Campus project. The Amsterdam delegates would like to hear our experiences, both from a technical and educational perspective. On Friday afternoon I will probably be glad that the weekend has arrived;-).

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